Package: mariadb-cassandra-engine-10.0 (10.0.19-adr2~jessie)

Cassandra storage engine for MariaDB

The Cassandra Storage Engine allows access to data in a Cassandra cluster from MariaDB. You can access the same Cassandra cluster from multiple MariaDB instances, provided each of them runs the Cassandra Storage Engine.

The primary goal of Cassandra SE (Storage Engine) is data integration between the SQL and NoSQL worlds. Have you ever needed to: - grab some of Cassandra's data from your web frontend, or SQL query? - insert a few records into Cassandra from some part of your app?

Now, this is easily possible. Cassandra SE makes Cassandra's column family appear as a table in MariaDB that you can insert to, update, and select from. You can write joins against this table, it is possible to join data that's stored in MariaDB with data that's stored in Cassandra.

This package contains the Cassandra plugin for MariaDB.

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