Package: libelocation1 (1.17.2-adr3~jessie)

Enlightenment Foundation Library providing geo information

Elocation is meant as a convenience library to ease application developers the usage of geo information in their apps. Adding a geo tag to a picture or translating an address to a GPS position and show it on a map widget are just some of the use cases.

In the beginning elocation will rely on the GeoClue DBus service. Its has providers for various techniques to get hold off the current position. Ranging from GeoIP over wifi and GSM cell location to GPS. As well as provider to translates between location in a textual form to coordinates (GeoCode).

Elocation covers all of these interfaces but in the end it depends on your system and the installed GeoClue providers what can be used.

Currently it offer the following functionality: - Request current address in textual form - Request current position in GPS format - Translate a position into and address or an address in a position

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