Package: rage (0.1.4-adr2~jessie)

EFL Video Player

Rage is a video and audio player written with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries with some extra bells and whistles.

It is a simple video and audio player intended to be slick yet simplistic, much like Mplayer. You can provide 1 or more files to play on the command- line or just DND files onto the rage window to insert them into the playlist.

A feature list at this point: - Play video and audio files - Support a playlist via command-line - Insert to playlist via DND - Controls hide on mouse idle, and appear on mouse movement - Fullscreen mode support with automatic "no blank" support - Playlist visual previews and controls - Subtitle file support - Supports Gstreamer, Xine and VLC as media engines via Emotion modules - Selection of media back-end via command-line - Album art fetch and caching - Video thumbnail timeline generation and caching - Works with any Evas engine (OpenGL acceleration, pure software etc.) - Works in X11, Wayland and Framebuffer direct support - Accelerated seek on keyboard fowrard/reverse - Drag gestures for seeking - Special different UI modes for pure audio and video

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